Requirements:  Membership in the choir is through musical merit. A simple audition process will take
place to assess range, pitch, and other musical abilities. Prospective members are welcome to join in a
couple of rehearsals before deciding to join.

Association membership $10 payable once only on joining as a new member.   

Annual Fees -  Full $250
                 Concession $200  (Holders of a health care card) and full time students

    Fees can be paid in two half year instalments.
           Full $125
           Concession $100
    To participate in a concert, members must have paid at least the half yearly fee. To
    participate in two or more concerts, members must have paid the full annual fee.

We want everyone who wants to sing to be able to sing. Accordingly if anyone has difficulties meeting their
fee obligations please discuss any issue with our treasurer Hugh Mc Kenzie-Mc Harg on 02 6023 9100.

Other benefits
  • choir intensives
  • working with various choirs in performance
  • workshops and opportunities to extend skills

Choir members are encouraged to grow in as a chorister in three skill areas: vocal, musical and choral.
There is an expectation that each chorister will develop vocal and musical skills outside of regular
rehearsal time through practice.  Choristers are encouraged to use recording devices during rehearsals.

If you have internet access there are many programs available. Just “google” learn to sight-sing and
download one of the many free programs available.

Sotto Voce -
Newsletter for the choir.