Our Vision  - Enrichment through Choral Music
    The Murray Conservatorium Choir plans to be nationally recognised as a strong regional choir with a focus
    on both the performance and development of singers, based on a broad and challenging repertoire, which
    includes original Australian compositions, consistent high performance standards, and regular
    engagement with other choirs and musicians.

    See our  objectives and strategies

Our Mission
    The Choir will provide a regular series of concerts in Albury, Wodonga and other centres through which
    participants may develop excellence in choral skills, and through which residents in the region may extend
    their appreciation of the choral repertoire of a range of cultures and languages.

History of the Choir:
    The Murray Conservatorium Choir was founded in 1982 by John Ross , then Director of the Murray  
    Conservatorium. David Carolane was appointed as Director of Music in 1984, retiring in 1998. Following a
    period of eighteen months under the leadership of Michael Leighton-Jones , John Rivers was appointed in
    late 1999.  In January 2004 Michael Halsey was appointed Director of Music and he was followed by Patti
    Graetz from 2006 until December 2010, then Beth Ylvisaker for three years from 2011-2013.  Mike Halsy
    picked up the baton again for 2 years of 2014 and 2015.  Our director over 2016 and 2017 was Hugh

    The position of Repetiteur is now in the capable hands of Robyn Krowicky who was appointed at the
    beginning of 2011 when previous repetiteur, Beth Ylvisaker was appointed Director of Music. In the early
    days of the Choir, Greg Lewis held the position of Repetiteur and he was followed by Ben Wilson.

Our Choristers:
    The Choir consists of approximately 60 voices and performs three to four different programs each year. It
    has performed as an occasional choir with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Royal
    Philharmonic Choir. It has also performed in special events such as the presentation of Handel 's
    Messiah and Christmas celebrations at Albury City 's Carols by Candlelight.

Our Awards

    The Bill Kell Service Award :
    2017 - Penny Vine
    2015 - Professor David Mitchell
    2014 - Penny Vine and Marilyn Comarty
    2011 - was presented to Lorraine Curnow

    The 'trophy' consists of  a miniature trumpet that belonged to Bill Kell mounted on a timber stand made
    and donated by Kelvin Barton of Barton Timbers. The base is made from a 9,000 year old timber (CSIRO
    carbon dated) called Ancient Red Gum which is mined in the  Albury-Wodonga Gravel pits. The wood is
    black in appearance however the grain can still be seen. This timber was chosed to represent the
    perpetuity of the award. The top section  of the award is made from highly figured red gum from the local
    area. The complexity and character in the local timber was chosen to reflect the same attributes of our
    former chorister Bill Kell who was an Albury lad!.   

    Life Membership:    2011: Life membership was awarded to both Penny Vine and Marilyn Comitti,
    who have been in the choir since its inception and have served the choir in various capacities ever since.

Our Repertoire:
    The Choir prides itself not only on its richly varied repertoire, but also on its role as both a performing and a
    training choir. We work closely with other ensembles and encourage local soloists.

Our Governance:
    The Murray  Conservatorium Choir is an incorporated body under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984.
    This means that all choristers must be a member of the Association. A one off Association Membership
    fee of $10 is therefore payable to the Membership Secretary.

    The Choir has an elected Management Committee, which administers the Choir's affairs and an elected
    General Committee, which ensures the smooth functioning of the Choir's choral program.

Musical Director June 2018

British choral conductor Pippa Andrew is internationally acclaimed for her ability to make choral music
accessible and musical interpretation that connects singers and audience members with the heart of choral

Previous Musical Directors full information

    Feb-May 2018:  American conductor Jeff Mosher

    2016 and 2017 Hugh Fullarton

    2014 and 2015 Mike Halsey returned for a year.

    Beth Ylvisaker -  directed the choir for 3 years from 2011.Previously Beth from 2008-10 Beth was the
    repetiter/accompanist for the choir.
Pippa conducts for the Australian Children's Choir, Beyond The Bathroom
Choir, Melbourne Inner North Performing Arts Academy Choir and is
newly appointed to the Murray Conservatorium vocal faculty, as Conductor
of the Murray Conservatorium Consort and Artistic Director of the Murray
Conservatorium Choir.  

Pippa started her choral career as a Statutory Chorister at Manchester
Cathedral, attending Chetham's School of Music. She continued studies
as a junior at the Royal Northern College of Music, later graduating with a
BA (Hons) in Music from The University of Salford and an MA in
Composition from Leeds College of Music.

Also a passionate and accomplished choral singer and soloist, Pippa's
previous long term performance commitments include St Endellion
Festival Chorus, Manchester Chamber Choir, The Manchester Consort,
The Voice Collective and the Australian Chamber Choir.

Pippa resides in Melbourne and also works as a violist, composer and
musical artist. More information about her work can be found at
Pippa Andrew